Tenkey testing

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Communication platform: Text can be felt, as it is expressed

paulbeaudetPaul_Beaudet 10/14/2014 at 23:130 Comments

One of my friends offered to design a pcb for this project and the envitable scope creep of adding more pagers and buttons came up. Just two of either of these changes the hardware significantly because of the number of pins needed. These extras might be unnessisary based on what I have found out. However I think adding a bit of flexibility for a pcb that would be the size of a small keyboard is a good idea for sharing with folks that are more generally intested in the idea to experament with keyers. Even thinking about expandability to analog keys for testing purposes, but I think I want to get some cherry mx keys so I can really start dog fooding this project myself. Using the project in my own typing has been tough thus far because tactile buttons have really bad performance characteristics when it comes to regularly typing with them. Along with the fact that its has been though for me to program really effective chord debouncing/capture function.

Thus the tenkey proto now exist! Using the arduino uno and bluefruit. Think if we do a pcb the atmega32u4 will make more sense so folks can skip bluetooth "friction" and just get things done via wired usb. Just ironed out some of the bigger bugs a couple of hours ago. You can find the code to this project here-

Maybe I'll do an instructable in the future, after the code is better ironed out.