ATMEGA32u4 based arduino support

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paulbeaudetPaul_Beaudet 10/21/2014 at 17:090 Comments

Yesterday I pushed a commit that now allows for support of ATMEGA32u4 based Arduinos like the Leonardo, Micro, Yun, and USB lilypad by comenting in a #define of "LEO" as opposed to "UNO". One would have to change the IO significantly to use the lilypad but its do-able. Personally I'm using the Yun without touching the bridge functions... Currious if I could get a Synergy server up in running up on the Linux side of the Yun.... That would be absolutly awesome. Getting really tired of Bluetooths quirks, sounds like a great idea in theory but to be honest, if pairing is a nightmare for me, it must be impossible for muggle folk. So the new hardware support allows for use as a USB Keyboard, which is honestly a breeze for use and debugging. Whilst support for adding a Bluefruit modual will continue to be maintained. After many a demo fail with bluetooth though I personally might be using wired more often. Even with Android demos via OTG. (yes BTs that cumbersome that OTG seems great)

Intergrating Synergy is an interesting concept I'll be exploring going forward, for having a wireless option.

I'll also say there has never been a better time to start hacking with this project. The code now produces reliable enough keystrokes to use a keyboard to compose messages with. Changing the layout is easy if you understand bits in bytes. Still working on making special characters easier to use. By the end of the month I really want to be using the keyboard to write code for the keyboard. Really look forward to seeing how efficient I can get with it. Particually the pontential of reading messages back to me with my eyes closed is getting me really excited. So close.