26 WPM!

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paulbeaudetPaul_Beaudet 12/20/2014 at 19:450 Comments

Had a personal goal to get to 25 WPM with the tenkey device. Yesterday I was averaging about 22, but I just was surprised to break a new personal record with this particular test.

The "your best" at the top is my top average CPM speed with dovark for comparison. (46WPM)

Now, burst speed is another story. It tends to be a less stable measurement, but I think it does well to indicate a typist level of comfort with a keyboard. After all most test get their results by measuring trancription speeds which introduces words outside individual comfort zone.

Personal Fastest Dovark burst speed: 73 WPM ( 4 years - daily driver )

Personal Fastest Tenkey burst speed: 33 WPM ( just over a month )

Personal Fastest QWERTY burst speed: 9 WPM (hunt and peck, never use typically)

Its might be good to note that I'm a slow start on motor skills and the dovark speeds have taken quite a bit on investment to get to. The average on the QWERTY test taken to get its burst number was 5 WPM. By feel, subjectively I can say that I started (years ago) slower than this. Also seeing others start with QWERTY I want to say most people start around the 7-10 range. That is a subjective analysis though. With Tenkey I started around 7wpm, this is bit of an unfair observation as I'm the one who designed the layout and "hit the ground running" if you will.