Now Tested with Leonardo

A project log for Neotype: Haptic Computing

Communication platform: Text can be felt, as it is expressed

paulbeaudetPaul_Beaudet 06/11/2015 at 19:450 Comments

Today in response to my frustration with numerous fails in showing this project off I converted the primary build to use the Arduino Micro instead of the Yun. Lets just be honest about the Yun for the record. It takes 90 seconds to boot and the serial connection between its two chips is flaky. Works fine at home but these issues will rear their ugly heads when showing to anyone else. Lets not even get into how ridiculous it is to prototype with. Arduino's are for folks too lazy... otherwise occupied to read the data sheet, Yun fails to meet the spec. Interpret that how you may...

( Case you're wondering I fall in the middle, will read data sheet in act of desperation. )

This simple switch to using the Arduino Micro coincidentally makes the project much more approachable for someone who wants to see for themselves why character by character chording will never work out against the alternatives or wants a simplified key interface for their project.