Throwback Thursday

A project log for Metabolizer - A recycling center powered by trash!

A deployable power plant that eats trash and turns it into energy, electricity, fuel, and eventually very nearly anything else.

Sam SmithSam Smith 10/04/2018 at 17:090 Comments

I've been doing these logs sequentially, but today I wanted to do a throwback to highlight some work we did back in February, right before I pitched the Metabolizer to Hackaday in the Open Hardware Challenge. This project has been a huge learning process for me- lot of parts of it are right outside my skillset. 

I'm a designer/inventor by nature, the kind of person who needs to understand how things work. So I'm really good at understanding what's possible with currently-available tech, but I rarely have the actual technical skills required to make it happen. 

Luckily, I have very talented friends, who have helped me immensely on this project, and since I can't pay them anything for their help I want to make sure I at least give them proper credit!

These are my friends Darcy (Hackaday user DRC3P0) and Matty (Hackaday user softjitter) assembling the MPCNC. Darcy works at the FabLab at Portland Community College, and so she help me print all the parts required to build the MPCNC, and Matty helped us get it moving. They are both rad and very accomplished makers, and you should check out their work!

I had never worked with any kind of CNC machine before, although I've been aware of them and had friends with access to them for years. Without Darcy and Matty's help, I wouldn't have known where to start!

Here's a funny picture of Darcy. Sorry Darcy. You're great.