A project log for PR-Holonet: Disaster Area Emergency Comms

An easy to build, setup, and use emergency communicator for disaster-struck zones with no working power or comms infrastructure.

inventive.prototypesinventive.prototypes 10/17/2018 at 02:220 Comments

Hi! This is going to be a short one :)

For the purposes of use, PR-Holonet is a BSD-3 licensed open source project. My goal is for anyone who needs it to use it. Especially anyone who wants to help others with it. Go for it!

Thanks to the awesomeness of open source, PR-Holonet is made possible by standing on the shoulders of giants. That is, other awesome projects that have enabled me to put this system together way faster than if I had had to build everything from scratch. Those projects, and their corresponding licenses, are: (Thank you all!!)

Thank you all for taking a minute to check this post out. Thank you a TON to all the awesome developers who have made this project possible through their own open source contributions. 

If you have additional questions about open source licensing, what it means, and what the options are, here is a link with good information:

Until the next post!