This project is a collaboration with Kellen O'Rourke, Sairanjith Thalanki, Victor Lancu, and Andrew Ge. It was supported by Enabletech, a UC Berkeley student organization, as part of their 48-hour annual makeathon.

The original controller slips into our device. A clip locks onto a nub on the back of the controller, locking it in position. A tug on the controller releases the clip and pulls the controller out.

In the device, a series of servos rotate cams, which depress buttons on the face of the controller. Each servo is attached to two cams set 180 degrees apart and can control two buttons. 3 mini-servos are used to control all 6 buttons. The housing, clip, cams, and couplers of this prototype are all 3D printed.

Voice control is handled on an Arduino Uno. As we continue working, we plan to implement Amazon Echo voice commands for greater accuracy and flexibility.