Smart Energy Saver for Homes

My aim is to minimize the loss of electricity there is when people forget to switch off their home appliances, through smart home solution.

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There is a lot of electricity loss in homes due to the fans and lights that are kept on even when no one is present in the room. Some appliances like televisions and air conditioners consume electricity even when just their switch board switches are on, it isn't much but a cumulative sum of a 1000 houses with the same condition would be a large enough number.

My idea is basically to inform a user that when he leaves his/her home, if any of the basic appliances like the fans or lights, televisions, fans or air conditioners are left on accidentally, which are the basic and major electricity consuming appliances of our house.I plan to send an app notification to the user which would contain the status of every appliance connected to the project. This system is proposed for just a single user, so in future I would like to upgrade it to be used by multiple users.

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