"Thermo" Position Tracking Wearable Device

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Presenting the "Tingle" wearable for compulsive behaviors and a hacked fitness tracker wearable device prototyping platform.

Curt WhiteCurt White 04/19/2018 at 23:290 Comments

The "Thermo" position tracking device is a controller for VR/AR or any other situation where tracking a user's hand in 3D coordinate space might be useful. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive virtual reality headsets both have 6DoF (Six degrees of freedom) position tracking controllers. They also depend on a camera or some other external device to achieve 6DoF hand position tracking. At the Child Mind Institute MATTER Lab we applied machine learning techniques to vast amounts of thermal imaging data and leveraged the results using a device worn on the wrist with a fairly sparse sensor configuration. We are attempting to achieve the capabilities of the Oculus and Vive controllers without any external reference point. This device was prototyped using the X9 Pro activity tracker - the exact activity tracker presented in this project.