Programming the Tingle

A project log for Hacking Wearables for Mental Health and More

Presenting the "Tingle" wearable for compulsive behaviors and a hacked fitness tracker wearable device prototyping platform.

Curt WhiteCurt White 10/19/2018 at 19:060 Comments

All Tingle related code is stored in this GitHub repository:

Firmware, Mobile App, Web Interface and MLX90615 Thermal Sensor Programming

The Tingle project consists of four applications: 

  1. Firmware running on the Tingle written in Arduino C for the Nordic nRF5x ArduinoCore (see programming instructions in wearable device hacking section of this project and the platform GitHub repository).
  2. Hybrid mobile app written in JavaScript using the Cordova hybrid app framework ( link to Android version on Google Play ).
  3. Web interface written in pure front-end JavaScript. This can run from a simple file server (or GitHub repository as a GitHub page). No server side code necessary ( link to live interface ).
  4. A small Arduino sketch to program the I2C addresses (2A, 2B, 2C, 2D) of the MLX90615 thermopile sensors.

MLX90615 I2C Address Programming Setup

This is my setup for programming MLX90615 thermal sensors. Any Arduino compatible microcontroller will work as long as it supports I2C (pretty much all of them do).

N68 Fitness Tracker PCB Microscope GPIO Diagram

Note: there are both red and blue versions of the N68 PCB. The only difference between them is the presence of a test pad for CS on the OLED display SPI bus. High resolution images available in the GitHub repository.