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A project log for Solar Powered Robotic Arm and Hand

To create a robotic arm and hand, controlled by a user input, and powered by a solar collector.

robotic-armhandRobotic Arm&Hand 06/13/2014 at 06:060 Comments

Concept Drawings!

I am probably the least talented artist that you will ever meet :P, but this is the best I could muster up.

I am planning on using biological inspiration in our design. We will be using small plastic pipes as the bones, wrapping them in wires such as veins, servo or step motors as joints, and then covering it all in a hollow cylinder tube as its protective layer (skin).

Anyways, I hope that description helps with viewing these "drawings". ;)

I will be ordering parts between 6/15-6/17, and beginning to build it during the same time with what supplies we do have.  We are going to deconstruct our prototype a little bit, and tweak the programming a bit to be compatible with the larger scale project such as this one. 

I will post regular updates every few days! So stay tuned for more! 

I sincerely hope you enjoy viewing my work as much as I enjoy working.  (Which is a LOT)