Resonant filter control with potmeter

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Arduino based battery powered drum sequencer, synchronized to wheel speed

serdefserdef 07/26/2014 at 09:560 Comments

I added a potmeter to the ADC connections and implemented control of the cutoff frequency of the low pass resonant filter. When moving the potmeter it sends the SAM2195 TV cutoff NRPN message for MIDI channel 1.

Filtering for each of the 16 midi channels can be controlled separately. I noticed when changing filter settings, these new settings apply to the next coming notes, not to the current sound/reverb already playing. It's not a heavy moog filter, still it sounds great, analog-like sound with the Lead 2 sawtooth waveform (instrument 81).

I should find a way to feed audio directly into my nikon p300 camera  (line in??), the mics do a terrible job.

Enjoy the video :