Updated to 1.0r13

A project log for cfg_parse

A compile-in (C, C++) solution for reading key-value pairs from file(s), looking up settings, and writing a config file back to disk.

Greg KennedyGreg Kennedy 04/03/2019 at 03:340 Comments

I needed to revisit this over the past couple days and so I've made a number of changes and improvements to the code.  The interface remains mostly the same, with the addition of some new functions:

Other minor improvements include better handling of NULL values on input, and the file is no longer loaded in reverse order (so the load / save should not change the file any more).

I've updated the downloads, webpage, and Doxygen manual with the changes.  Remember, the current home of cfg_parse is still the Sourceforge page here:

If anyone wants to do a code review I'd love another set of eyes.