Real Smart Watch with Long Battery Life

A real "smart"watch that on single charge lasts for 1+ months while being capable of bluetooth communication.

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Here is the list of features I am going to implement in this watch.

Clock - Updates watchface every 1 minute.

Notification - Push phone notification to the watch through BLE. The watch will vibrate on notification. User will be able to see the contents of the notification on the LCD.

Media Control - User will be able to control media playback and volume. User will be given title/artist of the media on the LCD.

Stopwatch - A self explanatory feature.

S Health - (A Galaxy)User will be able to see pedometer / altitude information obtained by the phone (usign s health api) on the watch.

Battery Life - At least 1 month on ordinary use

I will be using SAM B11 BLE SoC and SharpMemory(+frontlight) to minimize power consumption.

Device will be on sleep for most of the times. It will wake up every 1 to 2 seconds for about 3ms to make connection to the central. (And also for GPIO Interrupts and application precessing)
  • 1 × Atmel SAM B11 BLE MCU SoC
  • 1 × LS013B7DH06 Sharp Memory LCD Low power 128x128 Color Display
  • 1 × EC05E1220202 Transducers and Encoders / Encoders

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