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A project log for Aurbee

combines the simplicity of Arduino with the scalability of ZigBee. Aurbee is, essentially, a wirelessly distributed Arduino platform.

lizliz 06/11/2014 at 20:060 Comments

1. We have a working prototype:

a) With the Microcontroller circuit, Zigbee Radio, USB programing board Mounted on separate PCBs, connected with hookup wire.

b) a “beta” self-routing Zigbee stack.

c) Basic Arduino I/O functions ported.

d) Stable Low-level Aurbee (Raw data transfer) library.

e) Integration with Arduino IDE for windows (as extension pack for the stock IDE).

2. We have the Board layout (Gerber Files) for Aurbee Core (25mm X25mm), USB Programing Shield, UNO Adapter and OTA (Over the air) programing shield.

3. We are in the process of scrutinizing the layout for defects and electrical characteristics before we do the (rather expensive) PCB printing run.

4. We have signed a definitive contract with the Zigbee chip manufacturers to use their brand new chip.

5. We are deciding which other expansion boards to build (Nano, pro). Your input is highly appreciated!