Display Build - Success? Failure?

A project log for UV Lightbox

Digitally controlled UV lightbox for PCB manufacturing

sufSUF 07/08/2015 at 04:050 Comments

I built the new display panel in the night:

I tested it. Works...

...but I can't call it a complete success. As you can('t) see the display is so dim, that it is almost invisible.

I know the reason why. It dated back in a few years. Let say five years ago, I wanted to build something. I bought a LED display and some drivers to it. The build didn't happened. To be honest I don't even remember, what was it. The LED display left in my drawer.

When I started to build this lightbox, I was thinking, that is a good idea to use the display from the drawer. It is a HDSP-B09G display from Avago (formely Agilent (formely HP)). As I figured out this is a real old design, with low intensity LEDs.

Yesterday when I realized, this is a crap, I started to search something with the same pin configuration. The result is NULL - except Avago's minimally newer HDSP-B03E. I'm not confident, that this one is really brighter.

So I've two choices:

1. Try to buy and use the "brighter" Avago

2. Redesign the display once more, and create a new board (Nooooooooooooo!!!!!)

So I order the Avago display, and we will see.