Retrospective: Earlier model (sort of)

A project log for Reactron energizer: Interruptible Power Supply

A UPS modified such that power ports are individually controllable, via wireless RF network commands

Kenji LarsenKenji Larsen 06/16/2014 at 03:180 Comments

Here's essentially the same thing but with only one port, and no UPS.  It is basically just a wireless 120VAC relay with a manual override (the switch).  The case is just a regular blue PVC electrical box.  Simple, but served me well for a long time.

The relay board is just visible inside, without taking it all apart to photograph it....

This worked well, but I do like the UPS on the microcontroller.  Of course, this whole small unit could be plugged into a regular UPS.  Still, it only had one port (the two outlets are bridged).