Wiring it up

A project log for Little Mister

A heavy duty flashlight for special occasions.

Ole Andreas UtstumoOle Andreas Utstumo 01/04/2017 at 15:130 Comments

I'm using XT60 connectors for connecting the battery.

Power wire harness with fuseholder and MOSFET switches. Approx 20-25 amps will be drained from the battery at full load. The ON-resistance of the N-channel MOSFETs is 22 mOhm each at 5V, which turns into 7.3 mOhm with three in parallel. That's about 5W of heat in the transistors. They will be mounted to the aluminium frame, just behind the fans to have a chance to keep cool.

The controller board, not yet done. The MOSFETs to the left will be switching each LED individually. Do I need a snubber circuit to protect them?

I see no voltage spikes on the Vds of the MOSFET upon switching it off with 1A of current. Should be good without a snubber :)

MOSFETs are working as intended.

The front, laying on the side.

Hooking up the LEDs. Should have used screw terminals and longer wires, but oh well!