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A heavier duty 3D printer that replaces 3 machines

samernsamern 07/11/2014 at 00:470 Comments

So far, I've had several requests to actually buy one of these.  And we have the printer working with a large bed but we definitely have to support that large a bed with a pair of small wheels.  So we are going to produce about 4 of these printers and make them available.  All of them will use RAMPS, although the original is a Sanguinolou based unit.  We will, on request also offer the printer like this:

1) An all plastic unit that doesn't use metal for the plates

2) A small table version (for 8x8 prints) that can be upgraded later

We are looking at the flexshaft add-on although we think we will have the engraver head out first because Repetier will work just fine in 2D mode that way.  We would make use of the same stuff LittleBox is using.

For the first 4 units, we will be having the X plate sintered instead of printed.  We get this done at ProtoLabs who do an amazing job.  They also can machine our Aluminum plates and if we can get a good quantity discount we will go through them, otherwise we will do the machining ourselves.