Tying up loose ends

A project log for 3-In-1 Desktop, CNC and Laser Engraver

A heavier duty 3D printer that replaces 3 machines

samernsamern 04/12/2017 at 13:040 Comments

Since this project's inception I have gone a lot further in this arena, building several printers and CNC machines. I did learn that despite the obvious benefits of combining all of them, at best, a printer could double as a laser engraver/cutter, but as a CNC machine it will be very 'lightweight'. While the movements in X, Y and Z are common, the rigidity requirements for CNC vary greatly from 3D printing, and of course so does the weight of the head. While I could use my system as a 3-in-1, it is better to go 2-in-1 which is where I have headed. In the interim, a number of vendors have come up with 3-in-1 machines successfully, albeit, IMO, with limited utility in each arena. I have therefore flagged this project as done so that I can move on to the next iteration.