PowerKite: Airfoil-based electricity generator

Generating electricity using the force of wind on an airfoil to create perpendicular motion that pushes a magnet through a coil

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Using a coil to generate current is nothing new. Using the wind to generate power is nothing new. Using wind to push a magnet through a coil to generate power... Probably has been done in some form. But not like this.
An airfoil slices through the wind to push a perpendicular permanent magent plunger through a coil to generate a current. The aileron/elevon at the trailing edge of this airfoil controls the ascent or descent of the airfoil assembly containing the permanent magnet plunger. When the full depth of descent is reached, the aileron/elevon's pitch is changed via mechanical switching mechanism to provide lift, withdrawing the plunger to it's upper extent. The pitch is adjusted again to begin the descent cycle.

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Kendall Meade wrote 04/24/2018 at 08:16 point

so, hang on, the kite pulls up an upstroke and then lets itself angle down for a controlled descent for a gravity-assisted downstroke? Dude, make that with a raspberry pi and run a crank with it or something, that's genius!

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