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Tired of replacing batteries and stuff

Jan WaclawekJan Waclawek 04/19/2018 at 22:390 Comments

While most of the gadgets may be designed at the time when the house is built, thus power from grid (or from a secondary low-voltage wiring) may be provided, most of the interesting cases is wireless. They feature easy installation, somewhat lower installation cost, and also higher reliability due to no impact of problems of wired power (e.g. there's significantly more HF content in the grid power than it used to be one or two decades ago and who knows  how will this change in the upcoming; houses near modern "renewable" sources such as wind or solar farms are increasingly subject to wild fluctuation of grid voltage; switching power sources are notoriously prone to failure and if such used in low-voltage wiring fails so that it outputs a surge, it may take out the connected devices, etc.). Also, wiring diagrams for a house tend to disappear within decades, and rewiring a failed cable may prove to be exactly as annoying as a failed gadget is.

So, most of the suggested gadgets are wireless, or wireless version of what has a wired version too.

There are certainly more similar gadgets possible, but for now this will be sufficient as a basic sample.