Waiting, waiting

A project log for Turning a Makibox into a PCB Mill

I bought one of the ill-fated Makibox 3D printer 4 years ago. Time to make it earn it's keep - but as something it was not intended to be.

Myles EftosMyles Eftos 06/26/2018 at 22:480 Comments

This is less of an update, more of a keep alive. I’m waiting on the last of the parts to arrive from China, so I can do final fit tests before drilling holes in frames, but I did try a quick fit test of the Y axis

I suspect it is going to have way too much deflection in the Z-axis, which is disappointing, but not unexpected. I’ll looking into alternative linear rails options. That won’t be a blocker right now though, as I should get on to testing the control board.