Climbing the Hardware Moutain

A project log for The ides of DEFCON: An Unofficial Electronic Badge

A wearable hardware badge, featuring blinky lights, sound, a sub-1Ghz radio, games, and more. Based on the Freescale KW01.

John AdamsJohn Adams 11/22/2016 at 23:220 Comments

Haven't posted here in about a month, but major progress has been made. I was delayed greatly by not being able to program our KW01 boards through the Mac's USB port (although it worked just fine for Bill via FreeBSD.) A purchase of an Olimex USB debugger has fixed this, and as of today:

We currently Have:

What's left, you might ask? We're a long, long way from done. We still have to deal with:

  1. Fonts
  2. Art
  3. Event Hooks for radio, touch, keydown, orientation (DONE 11/24)
  4. Final game mechanics
  5. A list widget or two
  6. Flash storage for prefs and name/id (DONE 11/25)
  7. Game radio protocol and Game
  8. Idle reset timers and Idle Screen
  9. Battery + Charging
  10. Board Layout and Prototype #1
  11. ??? Hidden stuffs ???

So, I think we can pull that off between now and Jan 30th.