• I haven't forgotten, and here's a Krasnow video

    morgan12/11/2018 at 15:55 1 comment

    From time to time I do some small experiment for this but in general haven't put in a lot for this project sadly. Anyhow.... 

    Ben Krasnows new video does a great job explaining some of the concepts that would go into completing this.

  • Dumping WIP

    morgan09/13/2016 at 19:04 0 comments

    I've added a link to the fantastic Light Modulation IC reference from Hamamatsu (hosted on pobot.org), this is the guide which I'm designing my circuit against.

    I've also published the KiCad project and schematic files for my work so far. Bear in mind there is a lot of hand wavyness going on for several reasons.

    Firstly I haven't put much consideration into component selection as I'm starting by trying to flush out as much of each stage as I can. So the components in each stage are not likely to be ideal.

    Other very vague parts include the LED Driver block, the "D" and "U" signals as I don't have a complete understanding of how these stages work yet.