PiXi32 Chipkit compatible slim PIC32 USB Stick

Next member of Picoduino family ...

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What is it?

Next member of Picoduino family ... Winxi ... Dixi and today PIXI32

PIC32 32Bit MIPS core 50MHz MCU ... Flagship from Microchip ... If you want start with 32bit MCU and do not like ARM, you want 128kb Flash 32kb RAM, USB OTG
... you are coding with ARDUINO ide ... or in future you want try MPLAB

What makes it special?

Slim design ... I love it :)
pic32mx250f128b ... is 32Bit MIPS core MCU ... Flagship from Microchip
Arduino Chipkit compatible
RGB led
User LED
Reset button
Upload button
Smart pinout to connect directly PICKIT, OLED display, I2C sensor or Segment display

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Jacob Christ wrote 03/20/2017 at 19:47 point

Cool!  Are you using a community bootloader from the chipKIT project or did you roll your own?

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bobricius wrote 05/06/2017 at 21:47 point

bootloader is from chipKIT

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