Charlieplexed LED Clock

Analog LED clock using charlieplexed LEDs and a WS2812B RGB LED Strip

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One of my clocks stopped working – and it happened to be a clock my wife likes a lot. Went to the repair shop and the guy said that he didn’t have the spare parts and could not repair this. So – I thought – why not build an LED clock – I had tons of LEDs and an RTC module just waiting to be used.

The original plan was to make a charlieplexed LED clock – 60 LEDs working off 9 pins and 12 LEDs working off 4 pins – so doable with a standalone arduino. This was to be powered off 4 AA cells.

However, before the clock was finished – a couple of rolls of WS2812B RGB LED strips came – I had ordered these a couple of months ago – and they came at the perfect time.

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davedarko wrote 06/15/2014 at 16:02 point
What a hot glue mess :) how did you keep track of the LEDs and the pins?

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Dushyant Ahuja wrote 06/16/2014 at 04:41 point
It was horrible, I was testing LEDs after soldering 5 at a time. There were short-circuits, soldering mistakes, the works...
Version 2 of the clock is without the charlie-plexed LEDs. Am working on V3 now :-)

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davedarko wrote 06/16/2014 at 06:48 point
It was already challenging for me to do 6 leds so i only can imagine the horrors of doing 60.. but now i feel the urge to do it myself :D

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