Button Head Allen Bolts

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Wheelchair mounted orthoses to enable someone with very low muscle tone to move her arms without the encumbrances of gravity

mike-turveyMike Turvey 10/10/2016 at 05:300 Comments

One of the things that's bothered me about the hardware on the arm floats is that it doesn't always provide the smoothest edges. The bolts are a good example of this. While it's by no means a rough edge, these bolts stick way up and don't blend in well with the rest of the arm floats. Basically, it's functional, but kinda ugly and does pose a small risk of things bumping/ snagging on it.

A better option seems to be button head bolts.

Here you can see it in context:

This is definitely an upgrade on my backlog. So far, I've only upgraded a couple bolts when I've had broken plastic pieces that have needed repair.