Solar Network Bridge

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Reshaping the Internet Access into a Cooperative Utility

tlankford01tlankford01 11/30/2015 at 02:300 Comments

This is the temporary setup to make sure it all works. I am working on a small building to secure the bridge a little better. I have taken a Ubiquiti AirMax 5 Ghz and am capturing from a similar unit at 3.3 miles away. This brings the tier one connection to the hill. It has to be line of sight so I had to make the solar station on the hill to reach the tower due to topography. As you can see my house is down the hill for shelter from the north and east winter winds. I have two Ubiquiti loco stations from the hill to the antenna mast on the lab. It is all light POE 24VDC powered. So I have a 12V deep cycle automotive/ equipment with a buck boost module to boost to 24V and I have just powered both Ubiquiti units with a direct POE injection.