Initial Test Station Layout and Use

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Reshaping the Internet Access into a Cooperative Utility

tlankford01tlankford01 08/18/2014 at 14:360 Comments

The initial test stations should be relatively simple.  I will build a small hut on the hill with solar and possibly a wind turbine.  It will hold my wireless internet modem to place it in a more reliable location for faster connection speeds.  Will connect the modem to a Ubiquiti Rocket with long range parabolic antenna and high gain omni directional antenna

The second station will be on my house.  Though my house is already off grid, I will be setting up the home router and iong range router independent of the rest of my power system.  The point is to make these independently powered of public and private utilities for the sake of reliability and openness.  The house station will be a wind turbine, a solar panel, two batteries, a long range Ubiquiti Rocket my Netgear home router connected to my internal server.

This should give us a proof of concept of a system that is 200 meters apart.  It will let us begin to log the power and data streaming performance of the system and give us a platform for longer range testing.