3D printed case for Hakko soldering kit

Made a 3D printed case for the t12 soldering kit you can buy online

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Some time ago I bought one of this soldering iron kits form the online markets. I designed and 3D printed a case for it and since it looks very good, I though I must share this with you, maybe you are interested.

Everything fits inside this tiny box and you only need a laptop charger as an external power supply.

The case files can be downloaded from here:

  • 1
    3D print the case

    Use between 10% and 20% infill and a layer height of 0.3mm. Having 2 or 3 shells gives it the right amount of strength. 

  • 2
    Use a 5mm DC female jack connector for the input

    insert the connector into the designated space and solder the wires with the white connector that you received in the kit. 

    leave the earth green wire unconnected

  • 3
    Insert the aviator plug connector

    Insert the connector through the hole and fasten in the nut into position

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