Quantity   Component name
1 × Chicken Wire it's a hexagonal metal wire grid
1 × Copper tape enough to cover the inside of the plant's mouth
1 × Hot glue gun makes it a whole lot easier to attach things to the chicken wire, but it's not entirely necessary
1 × Panasonic PIR sensor or similar https://www.digikey.ca/en/product-highlight/p/panasonic-electric-works/mp-motion-sensor-napion
1 × Soldering iron or crimping tool (or tape if desperate) to connect wires from the Arduino board to the motors/copper tape/PIR sensor
2 × Servo motors (4.8 kg*cm or better) https://www.creatroninc.com/product/full-rotation-servo-motor-48kgcm/?search_query=servo&results=44
1 × Hand saw
1 × Paper mache mix (paper, glue, water, bowl) look online for a simple recipe
1 × Bendable metal rod about 1/8 inch in diameter (make sure it's at most half the diameter of the wooden dowels)
1 × A bit of twine don't need much twine - just a few small sections
1 × Electric drill drill holes in the dowels to insert the motors (motors spin the dowels)
1 × Acrylic paints choose whatever colors you want...you're the artist!
1 × Arduino Uno or similar anything with 2 digital pins for capacitive touch sensing, 2 digital pins for the motors, 1 digital pin for the PIR sensor
1 × Bag/box of jumper wires
1 × 9V battery
1 × 9V battery box with slide switch
1 × Bag/collection of wooden dowels about 1/4 inch in diameter or so
1 × Bag/collection of Popsicle sticks cost depends on how much ice cream you eat