AI-on-the-edge implementation (MQTT)

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A DIY smart home system the SCADA way...

stefanschnitzerstefan.schnitzer 09/04/2022 at 15:040 Comments

Since I have moved from a rental apartment to a house, it is possible to install some things I have long dreamed about. 

The first addition to my smart home system should be a real flow meter for the main water supply pipe. But while I was browsing the web for the cheapest flowmeter, I found a better solution. -To use the existing water meter and digitize it. 

The AI-on-the-edge-device from jomjol on github is easy to implement and works flawlessly. The data is send via MQTT to my Nodered and Soft-plc...

The Web-UI: 

My water usage from the last 7 days:

The 3d-printed enclosure is still missing some parts: