Component values are on the schematic. The PCB is 10cm x 15cm or 4in x 6in single sided. The LCD is attached via 16pin header and socket. Note the RW pin on the LCD is soldered to ground as this is how BASCOM addresses the display. You may want to change this depending on your programming language.

The only quirk of the project was that an LED interfered with the handle of the ZIF socket. I shortened the ZIF socket handle by about 2mm with a Dremel and reinstalled the plastic knob.

If you are looking for a cheap reliable source for components try Most of the parts for this project were sourced from them. They have a 15% off sale about every six weeks, which just about covers the shipping costs. The coupon code is on their Facebook page.

If you build one you must send me $2 or your board will expire and your processor will run backwards. Well maybe not. If you built one post a link or a picture. Feedback comments or likes would be appreciated.