8upShield, because you NEED 8 (32?) serial ports!

Octal UART shield, Arduino compatible.

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Recently I'd designed a production-test-fixture for one of my clients. It required 5 serial ports from a PC to operate. Well, what can a PC do that an Arduino can't do (and cheaply!) ???

This 8upShield (7up has been done already!) will equip your Arduino-based project with 8 real hardware UARTs. I'm using the popular dual-UART/SPI bridge chip from NXP, "SC16IS762".

At least 2 of these 8upShields can be attached to the same Arduino (16 serial ports), though in reality you could, if absolutely necessary, probably use up to 4 of these shields (32 serial ports!).

It will connect to the ARDUINO using either SPI or I2C. All Arduino connections can be reassigned using jumpers.

The 8 serial outputs are provided on individual 2x4 and 2x5 headers, compatible with my YASC2/6/8/485 interface boards.

Uses 4 of the the NXP SPI/UART bridge chips, P/N SC16IS762 (or similar).

Total of 8 hardware UARTs per board.

It's possible to have 4 boards per Arduino system, for a total of 32 UARTs.

Supports any mix of RS-232 (using a YASC2/6/8 interface boards), or RS-485 (using a YASC485 interface board).

On-board 3.3V regulator. Can be linked to Arduino 3.3V rail via a jumper.


8upShield schematic. Modified 14-APR-17.

Adobe Portable Document Format - 34.53 kB - 04/15/2017 at 03:09


  • Progress... 8upShield

    kbdhog09/19/2016 at 02:21 0 comments

    14-Apr-2017: I never sent the Gerbers out, and good thing too! I realized there were a few more tweaks! First, I changed the COM1 & COM2 headers to 2x5, to be compatible with the YASC8 interface board (supports DCD/RI). Also I brought out the Arduino's native UART port (D0/D1) to another 2x4 header. You can now connect this to a YASC2/6/8 board, though only the TXD/RXD signals are supported. Of course you can disconnect TXD/RXD with jumpers for when you want to use the Arduino's baseboard USB/serial capability.

    4-Apr-2017: Finally got around to finishing this layout! Gerbers are ready, sending them out for fab today, via Seeedstudio.

    18-Sep-2016: Got most of the schematic & layout done this weekend. I need to let this simmer a bit and ensure I haven't forgotten something critical. In a few days it should be ready for FAB.

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