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BLDC shield for arduino and stand alone controller

nerd.kingnerd.king 07/17/2014 at 16:420 Comments

So I continue to troubleshoot the PCB.  I hooked up the motor with a variable power supply and got to see the motor jitter a little bit but it caused the power supply to over current and something is just not right with the commutation stages.  One of my coworkers suggested that I make a motor situlation with 3 resistors and 3 bi-color LEDS.  So I hooked this up and I got 1 green, 1 red and a very weak red on the third one.  The drivers seems to be getting too hot or something and shutdown after a while of running so maybe having direct access to the power supply is dangerous for these ICs.  I am going to look into maybe putting a 15V regulator in between them and the 24V rail.  The need 10-25volts to run but I am unsure about how much current they will try to pull especially when driving the fets.