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How to broadcast colored PAL television with a SDR transmitter.

marblemarble 09/17/2018 at 14:112 Comments

Okay, I was wrong. It is entirely possible to implement PAL in GNU Radio and ffmpeg alone. The resulting GNU Radio flow graph looks something like this:

In general: Top part handles the brightness (Y) and the bottom part handles the color (UV). The part to the right combines both again.

The result looks something like this:

Watch it on

Color is still to be fixed.

The command line generating this:

$ ffmpeg -i /home/marble/lib/Videos/bigbuckbunny.mp4 -codec:v rawvideo -vf 'scale=702:576:force_original_aspect_ratio=decrease,pad=702:576:(ow-iw)/2:(oh-ih)/2' -f rawvideo -pix_fmt yuv444p -r 50 - | ~/curr/Software\ Proejcts/video2pal/grc/ 


CompuCat wrote 10/31/2023 at 14:25 point

Given's demise, do you have an archived copy of the demonstration video hosted somewhere?

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josvth wrote 03/04/2019 at 21:27 point

Hey man! Really cool what you have going on here. Would you be willing to share the grc file that works with ffmpeg?

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