Power Supply + I/O + RELAYS for Raspberry Pi

2 HATS for Raspberry Pi model 2, 3 or Zero GPIO
(4) 16amp relays+ 8 ANALOG IN Pi 2 or 3 footprint
(2) 3amp+ 4 DIGITAL IN Pi ZERO footprint

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Both these PC boards have an input voltage from +7.5Vdc to +28Vdc. The voltage regulator is a 78SR05 switching regulator that runs cool and efficient, and both pc boards featrure "standard" barrel power connectors.

The larger PC board (4X8) was meant to be used as a RasPi-3 HAT, but will work with any RasPi GPIO.
(4) Panasonic ALE 277VAC@16Amp relays. StaKon connectors allow NO high current on PC board.
(8) analog sensor inputs for joystick/potentiometer/TMP36 temperature inputs using MCP3008 ADC

The smaller PC board was designed for the RasPi Zero, -but will work with any RasPi GPIO.
It has (2) 125VAC@3Amp Form "C" relays selected for home lighting (3-way and 4-way) applications.
The PC board has (4) binary switch inputs intended for alarm, motion detector or lighting control switch inputs

Both PC boards were designed as a GENERIC home automation control modules.

download CAD file by clicking:

The CAD file can be viewed and ordered using CAD software

Here's a parts/source list: (needs updating)


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