• Here's what I've got ... 100% sure it won't fit

    balintechnologies11/26/2016 at 21:54 0 comments

    So I was almost finished with the final revision of the Stompi when my trial copy of Rhinoceros expired. For some reason I could not get all the surfaces of the bottom half of the Stompi to Join without some of the surfaces warping in strange directions. They might need to be regenerated from scratch and then who knows. I'll post what I have so far but I tried to print the bottom half without Joining the surfaces and the results were ... not good.

    If I can get a full copy of Rhino or wipe my Windows box any time soon I'll finish the revision but until that time it'll have to be up to any volunteers who want to oversee this project to finish it on my behalf.

    At the very least the holes for the USB and Ethernet ports are off by quite a bit. A Raspberry Pi will not fit in this case in its current form. I don't recommend wasting any time printing it off until this issue has been addressed. I've also noticed that the posts for the machine screws are wide enough to butt up against components of the Pi ... the revisions needs are only minor but they are very much needed before you should try to print this case.