3D-Printed Linear Servo win-D 1.2

this linear actuator has a maximum stroke length of 5" == 125 mm @0° to 180° made of 3D-printed parts and Servo SG92R

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this light weight linear actuator has a small force of about 0.5 Newton but a large range of up to 125 mm.

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Simon Merrett wrote 12/24/2016 at 19:53 point

Roger Rabbit, I had a thought about a way to increase stroke length and force in the cases where incremental positions are not important. For example, you either want the actuator at one extreme position or the other. Perhaps you want a few middle points. In the "extremities" use case, we could employ two microswitches that will be pressed when the arm/rack reaches an extreme position. One would provide a 0V and the other would provide a full VCC to the servo controller. The state when neither are pressed would be VCC/2. If you wanted intermediate positions, you can use timing to achieve an estimated position, with the advantage of being able to calibrate against one extreme or the other. If the load is repeatable, this could be quite accurate. This method allows you to really increase the gearing and torque to make a decent force, while increasing the stroke length. What do you think? 

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