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A project log for Kwese - musical instrument

Shelved this one to work on other things - kept for sentimental reasons

johnowhitakerjohnowhitaker 08/19/2014 at 11:390 Comments

This project seems to be pretty much ready for this round of the Hackaday Prize. Adding this project log to show how it fulfills the requirements

Video: Done

4 Project logs: Done :)

Open: Hesitant to specify a licence - I used a snippet of code from someone elses work, and I still have to track down the source (somewhere in my browser history) before I confirm the licence. However, assume everything is MIT licenced for now - pretty much everything is my own and I want to see it being used to do cool stuff :)

Connected: It has bluetooth! This is definitely meaningful as it allows musicians to go a lot more in-depth - custom note configurations, triggering system events on a PC when the right tune is played etc etc. 

Manufacturable: Should be easy and low-cost to manufacture, provided it's possible to source the VS1053 chip in quantity (for the standalone sound synthesis). I am aiming to get kicad files up on as soon as I have them ready.

Innovative: Kind of :) haven't seen anything quite like this before... And no, it's nothing like a makey-makey - touch is different, use case is different, cost is different, name is different etc etc :P

Replicatable: VERY - although my version uses a bare AtMega328, I have instructions for making one with an arduino, 8 1M resistors and a sparkfun musical instrument shield - hardly unobtanium, and very easy. However, it's much cheaper to build the bluetooth version on strip-board, and for under $10 you have a fun new toy to play with :)

Space worthy? Honestly, no. I think there are other, better projects out there that deserve first prize. However, most of them are complex and expensive, with many ways to go wrong. This is a cheap, fun, educational device that can be helping kids enjoy music a few months after someone with $$$ notices it, so maybe it's worth consideration after all :)

I think that pretty much sums it up! THP is such a cool idea and even if I go away with a T-shirt or just a digital pat-on-the-back, I will still have benefitted hugely - it got me off my backside and documenting something for once :) thank you Hackaday!