Modified User Interface

A project log for Prometheus Alarm Clock

Possessing both the beauty of the bygone analog age and the convenience of cutting edge tech, Prometheus is the ultimate alarm clock!

Andrew LeeAndrew Lee 03/24/2017 at 02:060 Comments

I modified the user interface quite a bit. The overall functionality remains the same, but I added a virtual Javascript clock by Čestmír Hýbl ( [as required, all the source code to run the clock is saved as is on both the Heroku server that the mockup code is running on as well as the Github repo, under /projectroot/source/webinterface/public/nixie/]

I removed the standalone "snooze" button, and instead made the virtual nixie clock itself the snooze button. (more aesthetically pleasing, plus it makes sense that the largest button be the snooze button)

Anyways, check out the new interface at