The first round of keycaps

A project log for Hackaday Cherry MX Keycaps

Have a mechanical keyboard? You need a Hackaday keycap.

BenchoffBenchoff 06/17/2014 at 19:530 Comments

This project will hopefully, eventually, be a product for the Hackaday store. It wouldn't make much sense to just do one key, send the file off to China, and sell the whole lot - people are fickle, and I'd probably get the dimensions of the stem wrong anyway.

To that end, I'm making a series of keycaps, each a different design, and 3D printing them. Test 'em out, and all that jazz. This is the first iteration of that design process. It consists of four keycap designs:

The Basic Skull

Just your basic Hackaday skull, planted firmly on a keycap.

The Lofted Skull

Instead of a simple skull, this keycap is 'lofted', or has a smooth transition from the square base to the... skull shaped top. OpenSCAD can't do this. But I can.

The Hackaday Prize Space Helmet

A simple space man, for all your keyboarding needs.

The Bent Wrencher

We need something with wrenches, so here's this. A few people have commented on how 'droopy' the wrenches look, but without this angle, the proportions of the Hackaday logo don't really jive with the standard keycap size. We'll see how this turns out when I have it printed.

The Base

Compatible with Cherry MX switches.

All four of these designs were sent off to Shapeways, as no one at Hackaday has a 3D printer with good enough resolution to print one of these keycaps out. I've gone with the 'ultra detail frosted' material Shapeways offers. Expensive at about $9-10/cap, but it will be more than sufficient to test out the fit of the keycap.

The next update will be when I recieve the caps, paint them (the frosted look doesn't photograph well), and slap them on a keyboard.