Shady is a BLE controlled LED sign.

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I keep seeing these shitty stickers on cars with "baby in the car" and such. Anyway long story short I wanted to build a LED versio of it.
I had 8x8 matrix LED and a Bluefruit laying around.
The only addition I did is to fork the Adafruit Connect App to send pixel designs to the LED.

Now that I got the prototype working I'll put the electronics in a box with a 15Ah solar charging powerbank in the back of my car.

I'll stick the LED to my back window. See what happens.

Couple of ideas I'm considering:

1- Hook it up to a distance sensor and show smiley/frowny face on LED based on distance to the car behind me.

2- develop the android app to save designs (requires backend, login things etc.

3- be done with it.

4- overdo it and design pcb and a nice case.


  • idea + prototyping

    pseudozach09/23/2016 at 13:04 0 comments


    led matrix + ble + arduino

    combine with android app to simultaneously show pixelated images on the shade

    stick it to a car window

    first steps

    test led matrix + arduino -ok

    test ble for arduino -ok, SOLDER!

    make it work thru android - simple UI -ok

    draw and it appears on LED matrix -ok

    buy simple solar panels with charging - found solar powerbanks -ok

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