LightBlue Bean

A project log for SmartCar

A bluetooth 4.0 device to open and close the doors, trunk and start the car.

ngolinenGoline 02/05/2015 at 19:210 Comments

After a long and cold winter...

...I'm finding some time to work on it again. A few months ago I've received the Punch Through's Bean, a BLE device featuring an Arduino and a 4.0 Bluetooth. It can be programmed via iOS, Mac and since last week Windows 8.1 . The fact that I could only use iDevices was a dealbreaker so I was programming using an Arduino UNO as an AVR, which means that was time consuming to put the rig up and after that I stoped again.

I put up another version of the Arduino code on the Git and will get back on the Android App.

The grat news is that today my Nimy has arrived on the PO. Bad news is that I paid U$~150 for it including shipping and in Brazil we have to pay 60% taxes including it all, the icing on the cake is that converted to Brazilian Real I have to pay almost R$250 in taxes!