First Steps: Pebble

A project log for SmartCar

A bluetooth 4.0 device to open and close the doors, trunk and start the car.

ngolinenGoline 03/13/2014 at 14:550 Comments

Well, I don't have much to talk about the development of the Pebble app.

It's very straightforward and there's lots of examples in their SDK and a lot more in the wild. A quick search through GitHub gave me all I needed to put up the first version of my app.

The app is very simple for now:
- The 'UP' and 'DOWN' buttons sends a small message to the android app to turn on and off the led in this order;
- When it initializes it vibrates.
- A label shows if the message was received.

My next step is to add GYRO interactions to send the commands as well. That way when I get close to the car the app on the phone will open the app on the Pebble which will vibrate, then I just have to make a movement with my arm to open or close the car.

I will put all the files on GitHub as soon as I have some time.