Noobs Arduino Chess Clock

A simple Arduino based chess clock.

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This is my first project. The goal is to make a simple chess timer consisting of 3 switches, player 1 and player2 and on/off using and LCD screen to display the player's times. At first it will be powered by USB, then both USB and battery.

So far it displays the player's times and counts down, but the reset function doesn't reset.

Revision one will be all breadboarded.

-- Basic code for player's times and reset.

Revision two will use dedicated Arduino board.
-- Simple case
-- Add additional chess timing methods.
Revision three will be PCB'ed properly.
-- Custom case and switches.

  • 1 × Arduino Uno Clone
  • 1 × 16x2 LCD shield
  • 2 × Switches
  • 1 × 100ohm resistor
  • 2 × 1k resistor

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  • Hardware Layout

    Peter09/24/2016 at 15:41 0 comments

    Here is where the Fritzing stands for the hardware layout. I will work on the code this weekend and should have something posted soon.

  • First Log

    Peter09/24/2016 at 02:42 0 comments

    I am through with the basic breadboard layout. I am now exercising bug with my code. I hit a wall and decided to start my project log to give my brain a break.

    I am working on finishing up the Fritzing file. When I have it done I will post it along with some new progress.

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priyanshumaurya1392005 wrote 12/23/2018 at 06:01 point

Where is the code

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