Human Computer Interface Challenge

A project log for Minder

An open source smart watch built for anxiety and panic disorder.

Austin MarandosAustin Marandos 07/21/2018 at 06:140 Comments

Since this challenge task is closely related to my project I thought I might write a few lines about how my project acts as an 'innovative interface for humans to talk to machines.'

The minder smart watch at its core is a human computer interface. Simply put, it is a device that measures your body's current state and determines whether you are experiencing anxiety or panic, from there it provides the user with techniques and activities to lower their anxiety and panic. This is done through both visual and haptic feedback. 

Minder attempts to make this process more natural and easy to use. By incorporating a simple design the watch draws little attention to the user allowing them to naturally activate the anti-anxiety mode. Further the use of visual techniques displayed on the large OLED screen makes this process much easier and clear.