Diagramming Circuits with Fritzing

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Machine knit working circuit boards from downloadable digital patterns

Jesse SeayJesse Seay 08/14/2014 at 17:550 Comments

I sent Fritzing an email about using it to diagram knitted circuits:

From: Jesse Seay (
via contact form

I've created a method to knit circuit boards and I'd like to make a circuit diagram that connects to the knitted pattern. Details of my knitted circuit are here on Instructables.

I've been experimenting with Fritzing and something like the pads in the PCB view would work well. The problem is, the pads aren't visible in the diagram view, only the pcb view. Can this be changed?

If not, can you send me info/cost on getting this created? Also, do you have any discounts/funds for artists/educators? (I'm an artist and professor at Columbia College Chicago in USA).