A project log for DIY fiber optic sensors, again

Make your own fiber optic sensors

jaromir.sukubajaromir.sukuba 04/22/2018 at 21:330 Comments

As the deadline for first round of hackaday prize is approaching, I feel like it's time to look back.

I started this project with @patex1987 few days ago, with 50m roll of bare optical fiber, no special fiber optic tools, just a few back of the envelope sketches and common junk-bin component selection. By now we have three pieces of working fiber optics sensors.

Some parameters, like stability, are yet to be improved, but this short experiment definitely shows potential in DIY building of this class of sensors for their appealing features, opening doors to cheap and available measurement of physical quantities in environments not common until now, as the environment would upset the electric sensors - like high current or voltage circuits, or in ionizing radiation. Also, in areas, where any electronics in sensors is not desirable, like in medical experiments, or around explosive gases. Those areas are domain of both expensive and proprietary industrial fiber optic sensors. While our experiment has room to improve to be compared to professional solution, I believe it shows promising way; being implemented with tools available to anybody in both hardware and firmware domains and completely open knowledge, it has door open to future growth.